When tyrants tremble, sick with fear

And hear their death-knell ringing

When friends rejoice both far and near

How can I keep from singing?

In prison cell and dungeon vile

Our thoughts to them go winging

When friends by shame are undefiled

How can I keep from singing?

And while the tempest loudly roars

I hear the truth, it liveth

And through the darkness round me close

Songs in the night it giveth


Locking up a Nation

I won't offer a lot of background articles, but mostly updated exerpts highlighting the current situation in Iran. A lot of easily accessible background information is available on Wikipedia and other sites. The articles in the left column are just quick breakdowns of some of the major players in the Iranian Stand-off. Like everything here, and in the movement, it grows organically - and articles are sporadically updated.
The recent post-election protests in Iran, so far peaking from June 13 to June 30, were triggered by widespread suspicions of voter fraud, but is often seen as a wider push for for democracy, human rights, women's equality and freedom of speech.

People from all over the world has become involved through participation on Twitter.

The Iranian government has attempted complete media black-out and police lock-down and diplomatic isolation.

Western media are barred from reporting from the streets and often rely on anonymous testimony or unconfirmed Twitter reports.

Iran has initiated a campaign to arrest, torture and possibly prosecute dissent.

Using one of the last remaining outlets where Iranians at the risk of their lives are updating the world about current revents.

Reports revolve around news broadcasts from Persian media, eye witness reports from street rallies and nightly "Allahu Akhbar" chanting protests, and accounts of arrests, torture and daily oppression by police and Basiji.

Written accounts are often backed by cell phone photos uploaded to Flickr, Picasa, Twitpic and other photo sharing sites, as well as extensive video documentation uploaded to YouTube and other social websites with streaming capacity.
All statements are from day 14 of the protests, June 26 2009. They are presented here mostly to give Iranian officials, MPs and leading clerics an impression of how the image of a nation, the "radiant face" of Iran, has been destroyed with one brutal swing of the iron fist.

"The more Khameini murders, the more he shows that he has lost control of Iran."

"Iranians being arrested by Mullahs for shouting "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great). Ironic."

"Iran is truly an Orwellian system. Injustice is Justice. Criminals are Heroes. Heroes are Criminals."

"Iran is generally a modern and forward-thinking nation with intelligent citizens. It is truly a shame that their head of state rules from the 12th century."

"Now they are saying the protestors killed Neda. This is a desperate regime ready to fall."

"Quran and Allah forbid killing women and children but Iran Govt breaks Allah's Quran and is EVIL"

"What do you call a country that in the name of Allah, en-slaves, murders, tortures, lies and represses it's own people? IRAN"

"Peaceful protest is a fundamental human right"

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men"

"A global depression; a totalitarian regime that rounds up the press, students & teachers. Where have we seen this before?"

"Families have to pay money for the body of their murdered sons and daughters. Money that Khamenei uses to fund more killings!"

"if mullahs don't remove Ahmadi and neutralize stalin like elements, ppl will take up arms. will be disaster"

"Remember, the regime is not strong, the more you stand up, the more of the army will join you. Our history proves this."

"I really do not understand why Iran Mullas bother with election. They r answerable to no one.Why bother with some numbers."

"You're demanding an apology, Mahmoud? How's this: Sorry...the will of the people for democracy & freedom will prevail."

"Other "events" in the world will never make me forget your bravery...keep fighting proud for FREEDOM!"

"Islamic Republic can break peaceful demonstrations, peaceful nationwide strikes can break Islamic Republic"

"The Guardian Council banned shoes, handbags and watches today, citing concerns that Iran was becoming to Western"

"The Guardian Council also removed all compass readings from 181 to 359 degrees citing "Western bias"

"If a government cannot be trusted with their own citizens, how can they be trusted with nuclear power?"

"Have not forgotten about my Iranian friends. I am still thinking about you guys and hoping this ends peacefully!"

"The women of Iran have an inspiration to women throughout the world!"

"Iran, the citizens of the U.S. are behind you!!! Peace be with you all!"

"Put your head outside and listen Khameini. That is the sound of your doom."

"IRAN clerics should be careful when they call for executions lest they remind their nation of the Shah."

"You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can't jail the Revolution."

"too late bad boys - you done lost ppl's support, harsher crackdown will only make matters worse. tehran love will overcome."

"Kill a demonstrator and you create a martyr. Kill 100 and you create a revolution."

"USA will not forget! Beautiful Iranian people, your courage is amazing! Do not give up!"

"A fire is raging in the hearts of Iran people and while you don't always see or hear it - it's still there"

"The youth of Iran want a secular democracy. That's why we want and need revolution"

"A new day for Iranian people. You will overcome!"

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