"Moral high ground is as important in an ideological battle as an elevated position is in a military confrontation..."

"He who wants to do good knocks at the gate, he who loves finds the gate open." - Tagore


Amplify the protest

If you are truly upset by what you have witnessed in the news, on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, take action now to prevent more bloodshed, help Iranians gain true democracy and set a presedent for oppressive regimes all over the world.
"The World is Watching" was an early slogan of the "Twitter revolution", but it does not intimidate the Khamenei / Ahmadinejad regime.

The regime is launching brutal attacks on peaceful protesters, beating and killing and arresting and torturing dissidents in full view of the world community.

Through the vigilance of freedom fighters of Iran we are exposed to every little detail of their fascist clamp-down on opposition, starting with a rigged election and continuing in rapid pace to total media blackout and violent clamp-down on the opposition.

Tens of thousands of cops in riot gear and Baseeji - armed and motorized religious paramilitary troups - are sent out against people waving green pieces of cloth for freedom and democracy.

Could it be more bizarre, more upsetting, more unjust?

Iran's struggle for democratic rights is not a spectator sport. Don't just watch. Get involved. Get active. Spread the word. Spread the green!
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